This Is How Fun Girls Graduate

Play the system.

In fact, do more than that. Fuck your professor on that very tennis court, bending over the net. A girl’s got to be resourceful these days, and use all of her attributes. There are many with a greater sense of entitlement who wouldn’t go the extra mile.

College Girl Gets Her Tits Squeezed

Whisper it quietly, but more than a few private schools have cropped up in recent years that are a lot more “fun” than what the mainstream has to offer. It’s emerged out of the homeschooling movement. Strong male fathers, alarmed at the woke feminism being taught to their daughters in mainstream schools, set up private homeschooling groups where girls could be taught to serve, to please, to be modest, humble, obliging and all-round beautiful young women.

By college age, of course, these nurtured urges have been sexualized, but the fathers have no problem with that. They know they have to let go of their precious angels, and their mothers are jealous that they never got such a sexy education themselves.

These little colleges are a world-within-a-world, and a haven for traditional roleplay. Male teachers are selected for their seduction skills and sexual confidence. In class the next day, it is acceptable, and indeed encouraged, for girls to confess that they haven’t done their work because they were too busy having sex the night before. They have to describe their sexual experiences in front of class, but do so in a way that is appropriate to the subject they’re studying. So, a literature student should describe it in a literary way, a science student in a methodical way, a criminology student as though a crime has been perpetrated on her, and so on. The goal, of course, is to get the whole class cumming, and especially the teacher.

The busty girls really do have it all their own way. The tight corridors and stairwells are designed for maximum touching, accidental or otherwise, and the girls are allowed to solicit for money if they so choose. Which of course means that, for girls who’ve been generously endowed, it’s impossible for men to get out of the way. When hands start to wander, it spreads like wildfire, and the busty girls are rightly held up as the instigators of this, and frequently spanked in the teacher’s lounge.

So when preparing to write her application to this special new type of private school, it’s not surprising that this busty little nymph allowed her mind to wander, and surrender into the waiting hands of a conqueror…